Driver Training

Zero1 Driver Training

Since 2009 Zero1 has leveraged its extensive experience and assets to deliver premier driver training programs in both the Off-Road and On-Road (Pavement) environments. Our unique approach in designing and delivering customized programs along with an extensive list of training assets and prime locations has provided us the opportunity to work with elite military teams, top tier corporations and individuals.

Our Mission: To be the industry leader in delivering advanced driver training programs that excel in skill and knowledge development, safety and flawless execution.

Our Team

The diversity of our instructor team sets us apart. Experience includes off-road and pavement race competition in both desert and closed course; mechanical and engineering expertise as well as vehicle development and testing. We are especially honored to have Special Operations military veterans on our team!

Our Assets

Zero1 has an extensive fleet of training vehicles for Off-Road and Pavement. Platforms include:

  • FWD

  • RWD

  • AWD / 4WD

  • High CG SUVs / Trucks

  • Side by Sides

  • Dirtbikes

  • Buggies

Zero1 has also developed a host of props that enhance the training experience.

Our Locations

  • Las Vegas. NV - On Road and Off Road.

  • Goldfield, NV- Off Road, 2000+ miles of permitted trails. Home of The Ranch @ Zero1

  • East Coast - multiple options for Off Road and On Road

  • Lake Havasu, AZ - Off Road

Assessment Technology

A core element of successful training is the ability to provide performance assessment and feedback. Zero1 has partnered with Codex Laboratories to develop an industry leading proprietary system that measures driver performance and provides immediate feedback / reporting.


Curriculum is designed to meet the specific training objectives of each team / individual. Trainees have the ability to select from an extensive list of modules to create a course of instruction (COI) that ensures the objectives are met.

Module Examples:

✔ Vehicle Dynamics / Advanced Car Control Vehicle Mechanicals / FAMs

✔ Slow Speed Off Road / Rock Crawling Terrain Recognition

✔ High Speed Off Road / Open Terrain Navigation / Route Planning

✔ Hill Ascents/ Descents/ Side Slope Night Driving

✔ Sand Driving Vehicle Preservation

✔ Recovery / Winching Water Fording

✔ Battle Damage Assessment / Repairs WITTs Scenarios


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Contact: Kyle Traylor (702) 361-9100